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Combo Pack- Grass Fed Buffalo Tallow (8 oz) & Pasture Raised Pure Lard (14 oz)
  • Combo Pack- Grass Fed Buffalo Tallow (8 oz) & Pasture Raised Pure Lard (14 oz)
Combo Pack- Grass Fed Buffalo Tallow (8 oz) & Pasture Raised Pure Lard (14 oz) - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.
We call this one the "Buffalard" Combo Pack! 

The Buffalard includes our Grass Fed Buffalo Tallow (8 oz) combined with our Pasture Raised Pure Lard (14 oz). You get 15% off with the Buffalard when you purchase these wonderful fats together.

Grass Fed Buffalo Tallow: Called Thunderfat because it is sourced from the great American Bison, the Thunderbeast! Fatworks Grass Fed Buffalo Tallow is sourced from Organic Grass-Fed Buffalo and rendered the Fatworks way! Buffalo Tallow has been a part of the diet of Native American tribes for generations and now we are bringing this revered fat to you! If you are trying to get the benefits of traditional beef tallow but just can't "get into" the taste, our buffalo tallow may be just what you need. Fatworks Organic Buffalo Tallow is a more "neutral" tasting fat. This rich, deep yellow fat is incredible for sautéing, frying and baking pies that are flaking awesome! Buffalo Tallow is also great for stir-fries, stews and sautéed dishes. Please note: Buffalo tallow is unlimited in awesomeness but limited in supply. Quote of the Day: "Organic Buffalo Tallow baking equals pies that are light and flaky and don't make your pies taste like buffalo whatsoever." -Anonymous (because who would take credit for that?) Also, for DIY lotion makers, if you mix Buffalo Tallow with essential oils you've got yourself a powerful emollient. (That's fancy talk for "moisturizer".)

Pasture Raised Pure Lard is our most flavorful lard made from back fat and belly fat of 100% Pasture Raised pigs. Lard is a robust fat that is great for everyday cooking. Use for browning meat, sautéing veggies and baking savory treats. You probably know this by now, but it bears repeating: none of our products have added hormones or antibiotics and they are all pasture raised by small family farmers. NOTE: You can filter for repeated use. Just drain through a coffee filter into a clean jar.